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1. Vocabulary Learning Techniques  2. Students  3. Teachers  4. Interesting Links

1. Vocabulary Learning Techniques

Rob Waring - Basic Principles and Practices in Vocabulary Instruction.                      CILL - Centre for Independent Language Learning.                                                 Richard Wakely - Good practice in teaching and learning vocabulary.                        ADELEX  - University of Granada.                                                                     The basics of vocabulary learning - from Hong Kong University.                            Independent Learning - from the University of Manchester.                                  UEfAP - Using English for Academic Purposes.

2. Students

recommended vocabulary exercises

The Internet TESL Journal                                                                             Goethe-Tests                                                                                                E.L.Easton                                                                                                                     nonstopenglish                                                                                                                      English Club                                                                                                Many Things                                                                                             More Self Study Crossword Puzzles                                                                                           Trivia Quizzes                                                                                            Professional Word Web                                                                                  MadridTeacher (Spanish)         

online dictionaries

Longman Online Dictionary - English                                          - multilingual                                                                - excellent for English, Spanish, French and Catalan.                     Slang and colloquialisms - a great resource for real language lovers.

online grammar

English Club                                                                                        Anthony Hughes                                                                                          Verb Conjugator                                                                                            

online viewing                                                                                                                       

Real English - free online English videos to help you with your English learning.

online listening

Cyber Listening Lab                                                                                     The English Listening Lounge                                                                       ESL Wonderland

online pronunciation

English Pronunciation - tip of the day

3. Teachers

Dr. Rob Waring - has been teaching EFL for 16 years, with 11 years in Japan. He works at Notre Dame Seishin University in Okayama and maintains an excellent website devoted to second language vocabulary acquisition.                                          Vocabulary Acquisition Research Group - University of Wales Swansea.                 Costas Gabrielatos - methodology and more.                                                       ADELEX - University of Granada.                                                                    STORK - Methods and Methodologies in Language Teaching.                                   CILT - Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research.

articles of interest

TESL Journal - articles and research papers.                                                        Karen's Linguistic Issues - more interesting opinions.                                             Darren Board - Teacher Learner Strategies and Vocabulary Acquisition.                     Andrew Littlejohn - reports on the importance of motivation.                                  Galina Kavaliauskiene - writes about the lexical approach.                                   Seth Lindstromberg - Collocations and associations ... HLT May 2003                      Seth Lindstromberg - My good-bye to the Lexical Approach ... HLT March 2003         Dimitrios Thanasoulas - on learner autonomy.                                                     Karen Bond - on what makes a successful language learner.                                   Fatemeh Alipanahi - the Internet and vocabulary instruction.                               H. Catherine Walter  - reading in a second language.                                            Paul Nation - Language Learning Benefits of Extensive Reading.                                Lesson plans - TESL Journal.                                                                        Articles for the Language Learner

4. Interesting Links

CILL - What is Independent Language Learning?                                                    Teaching English - British Council Site.                                                                Isabel Perez - with some great stuff from sunny Spain                                                    LanguageAssistant - tips, materials and more useful links.                                   Learning English - from the BBC.                                                                     Independent Learning - an organization devoted to Learner and Teacher Autonomy. Learning Paths - devoted to research and action for promoting learner autonomy. English Language Teaching - Andrew Littlejohn.                                                   Teaching Unplugged - an alternative view from Dogme.                                        Optimnem - a forward thinking site well worth exploring.                                        Teacher's Pet - an innovative site where you can quickly make your own lessons.       Thinking Approach - a creative project in Latvia.                                                  Eric Haaranen - Helpful Ideas for English Students.                                               Games Activities and Lesson Plans - lots of good stuff here.                                esl Gold - good general resource for language learners and teachers.                       4-esl  - also recommended.                                                                                Frequency Level Checker - it does what it says.                                                World Wide Words  - amusing and educational.                                                    Volterre-Fr - English and French language resources.                                             WORD-wide-web - a translation service we use and recommend.                             EYE Visto - a fine photo-bank site run by a friend from Hamburg.

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