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cage (3) cw: bar, iron, bird, mouse, protection, close, animal, security, escape
- Your bird can be well protected from cats and other animals if you keep it in a cage.
- I was about to feed my mouse, but it escaped from the cage.
- Some people consider cages to be like a prison for animals.                   Ana Milena, Columbia

centaur (5) cw: monster, beast, demon, freak, horror, man, horse
- The centaur was so ugly it had to live isolated in a cave.
- The painting with the centaur was dreadful to look at.                           - A centaur is a mythical beast which is half man and half horse               Jennie, Sweden

cheeky (5) cw: derisive, rude, mocking, bold, courageous, cocky
- It was rather cheeky of him telling her she looked fat.
- The cheek of her, starting eating before the others had arrived!          Jennie, Sweden

cinema (1) cw: film, watch, star, audience, seats, ticket, comedy, drama, pop corn, friends.
-  It's a long time since I've been to the cinema.
-  My father has bought a DVD, so we'll never go to the cinema again. :-(
-  A new film is currently being shown at the cinema.                               Ana Milena, Columbia

classroom (2) cw: teach, learn, classmates, lesson, board, chairs, school tools, teacher, students,
- We'll have our English class in classroom 501
- The classroom isn't only a place to learn but also to share and have fun.
- It is not allowed to eat, sleep or smoke in the classroom.                     Ana Milena, Columbia