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1. Vocabulary Development   2. Students   3. Teachers   4. Other Links  

1. Vocabulary Development 

2. Students

vocabulary exercises.

online dictionaries

general sites with lots of good opportunities to improve your English.

... and some more very useful  sites.

3. Teachers

independent learning

  • CILL - What is Independent Language Learning?
  • Independent Learning - devoted to Learner and Teacher Autonomy.
  • AILA - Learner Autonomy in Language Learning.
  • Learning Paths - research and action for promoting learner autonomy.


academic, alternative and innovative

4. Other  Links

... and, finally, some others which you might like to visit. 

  • Art and Windsurfing - a great collection of surfing artwork.
  • DavidFilms - creations from a gentle German genius. 
  • Emmegi - from Marsala, Sicily - A Life for Art. 
  • EYE Visto  - a fine photo-bank site run by a friend from Hamburg.
  • Liverpool FC - by far the greatest team the world has ever seen.
  • Patrizio - from Marsala, Sicily - and his digital paintings.
  • Radio City - listen to Liverpool.
  • Skype - free international phone calls on the world wide web.
  • WORD-wide-web - a translation service we use and recommend.
  • World Maps - Anyone here from Liverpool?

Pictures that paint a thousand words can be seen at THE ART OF SURFING

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