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bee (3) cw: insect, fly, honey, honeycomb, pollen, buzz, work, sting.
Bees get honey from the pollen of flowers.
-  He was stung by a bee last week and that's why his eye is swollen.        Ana Milena, Columbia

bicycle (1) cw: wheel, chain, pedal
-  Riding a bicycle is faster than walking.
-  Driving a car is faster than riding a bicycle.                                       Adam, Budapest

boat (1) cw: sea, water, oar, sailor, ship, waves, fishing, traveling, crew.
- They rented a new boat for fishing in their coming holiday.
- Marie is afraid of traveling by boat.                                                 Ana Milena, Columbia

book (1) cw: printing, sheet, cover, reading, information, study, spare time, literature, learning.
- 'Canterbury Tales' is the best book I have read this year.
- The Bible is a very old but very important book.                                 Ana Milena, Columbia