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1. WS Vocabulary Cards 

Images of WS Vocabulary Cards - together with a full description of how to use them -  are now available at this link


The concept gives learners the opportunity to actively develop their vocabulary (and grammar) skills in a “game” which has been designed to develop good language learning habits. This “game” ( as you will see ) involves a dynamic framework that produces virtually random testing of graded vocabulary and grammar items.

It challenges learners to use what they choose – and demonstrates their  progress over time through a motivating scoring system.

A lesson plan and all the necessary materials for using WS Cards within the classroom can be obtained by joining the wordsurfing discussion board  and going to the Files section. The board itself is available for members to discuss anything connected to vocabulary development strategies ... and their relationship to overall language learning efficiency and enjoyment. It would be great to hear your comments on the WS approach to vocabulary acquisition - but the forum is totally open and welcomes the introduction of any other strategies that can help learners.

2. WS AID - Audio Image Dictionary.

Details to appear here shortly.

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