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Best 5 Ways for Remembering Words


Below are 5 ways to enhance your memory for a specific word:

1. Use the words in a joke or make up a joke about the word and we have found that the more unusual the word is the easier it is to remember

2. Turn the word into an acronym. Do this by assigning each letter to a word and try to put together a sentence like this.

3. Use the word in a rhyme, It is a known fact that us as humans remember songs and poems easier that’s why most of us will still remember songs from our childhood.

4. Associate the word with shapes or images for example a car, window or a stool even just anything that you can associate so when you think about that object you immediately think of the word as well.

5. Sing the word out loud! This has been proven to increase the chances of remembering the word.

Remembering Words


Spelling can be a difficult task but now since everyone is using computers and it has become the common thing in the workplace instead of using an A4 piece of paper but the importance of spelling still remains and is even more important to those who enter spelling competitions.