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WS for * TESL * TEFL * TESOL * ESL * EFL * ESOL * and other languages Come and visit the EasyLearn School here.

The WS Vocabulary Forum below is a place where you can

  • "learn by doing" ... and get some good language practice
  • suggest your own words for the WS Vocabulary Builder and
  • teach others by contributing to a useful learning resource. 

Example - cw = "connecting words" , es = example sentence.

Tree (1) cw: wood, forest, leaf, twig, branch, trunk, bark, root, bird, family es – Leaves fall from trees in autumn.
es – There is an apple tree and a pear tree in my garden.
from Monica … Budapest, Hungary

Suggestions should be made in the same format as the example above - and please also ...  

  • keep your example sentences quite short
  • check them with a teacher before sending - if possible.
  • read the Forum Guidelines before making your first entry. 

WANTED WORDS! Please try to use and explain any of the following -     (1) address, autumn, breakfast, city, dog, door                                   (2) abroad, accident, bargain, bite, canoe, dream                                (3) accelerate, amazing, borrow, cloudy, complain, damage                  (4) ambitious, attend, beak, blade, contestant, defendant                       (5) abbreviate, assume, breeze, bumper, crease, drowsy                         - or any other words/phrases that aren't already in the Vocabulary Builder