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There are always lots of good new language teaching ideas out there somewhere … but usually it’s hard for them to reach people on a wide scale due to the conservatism and complexities of the larger educational publishing houses. These businesses tend to rely on tried and tested book formulas that are virtually guaranteed to produce a large volume of sales. They are, after all, trying to maximise their profits … and new ideas are normally seen as risky ventures that are highly unlikely to produce volume sales without a great deal of marketing expense. New ideas therefore tend to get rejected until seen to be proven popular elsewhere. So … if you’re interested in sharing any good new ideas with others, it may well be worth exploring other possibilities.

eBooks World is an exciting new opportunity within the educational world – and one that will soon be making Word Surfing ideas more widely available to people. ( further details to appear here as soon as we are ready to go to print)

eBooks World

Specializing in publishing materials by teachers for teachers

eBooks World is an online publishing business which provides the opportunity to authors to publish in an e-book format as well as print on demand (POD). Our main focus is on the education sector and we operate worldwide.

E-publishing is available to everyone although as much care must be taken as with traditional print publishing to ensure that the finished product is of a very high standard. It is difficult to get a contract with one of the traditional publishing houses and this is where e-publishing fills the gap.

Traditional publishers are inundated with manuscripts and the rejection quota is high. Costs are an important factor and often submitted material is only suitable for a niche market – normally not financially viable. As an e-book, materials can be published much quicker, never go out of print and the author earns much more in royalties.

There are many teachers who have invested a lot of time and effort in developing materials for use in the classroom. Why shouldn´t these proven materials reach an even wider audience – a lot of other teachers would be grateful!

E-publishing with eBooks World: no set-up or hidden costs and always a non-exclusive agreement.

“E-book” stands for electronic book and has the same function as a printed book. It is used to inform, educate, teach, train and share ideas. They can be used in a variety of ways: manuals, reports, ezines, newsletters, promotion, presentations, tutorials, marketing, informational products and much, much more! There is no limit to the number of ways e-books can be used. If you start adding things other than just plain old text, such as graphics, sound, video and links, then what you have created is a multimedia product.

Sidebar: although more and more famous authors such as John Grisham and Frederick Forsyth are being published in an e-book format, it is the education sector which is leading the way in innovations and developments in this media.

Some unique features of e-books:

-          quickly and easily distributed, and updated. Your e-book can easily grow and develop

-          interactivity. Hyperlinks, sound and video allow the reader to become more involved with the piece than they would with traditional matter

-          immediately accessible. In a matter of seconds, an e-book can be downloaded at any time, day or night

-          easy to navigate. Hyperlinks can be used both with the piece and to links on the internet

-          allows total creative freedom. You are in charge of the look and feel of your work.

Print on Demand (POD)

eBooks World offers authors the possibility to publish his or her materials in the traditional manner: a printed version. An ISBN ensures that the book can be ordered by bookshops everywhere.

The advent of digitalisation has meant that it is now possible to print books far more quickly and cheaper than it used to be. POD allows publishers to print as many books as there are sales. As books are ordered, they are printed……on demand.

Currently, eBooks World offers various sizes of paperback versions – plus a complete range of bindings – with no difference in quality to those books found in the stores. We will be extending our programme to include hardback editions.

Food for thought at least – we look forward to hearing from you!


Paul East & Kevin Westbrook

eBooks World

Einsteinstr. 59

89077 Ulm / Germany

Tel: ++49 731 397 6976

Fax: ++49 731 397 6977


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